SYNERGRAZE: Sustainable Agriculture

SYNERGRAZE: Sustainable Agriculture

SYNERGRAZE: Sustainable AgricultureSYNERGRAZE: Sustainable AgricultureSYNERGRAZE: Sustainable Agriculture

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Cattle and Green House Gas Emissions


Livestock contributes more to global greenhouse gas emissions than does the entire global transportation sector.  As a byproduct of their digestion, cattle belch methane, which is 25 times more potent as a heat trapping gas than is carbon dioxide. One cow emits approximately 1 tonne of CO2-equivalent every year.   Can we make agriculture more sustainable?

You can have your beef and eat it too!



What if we could prevent cows from belching methane?  What if there was GasEx for cows?  Well there is.  We call it SYNERGRAZE. 

If only 20% of California and Alberta's cattle were supplemented with a small amount of SYNERGRAZE, it would reduce GHG emissions equivalent to taking 2 million cars off of the road!

SYNERGRAZE helps to make agriculture more sustainable and reduce environmental impacts. 


Tamara Loiselle, BSc, MA Founder and CEO

 From a BC ranching family, Tamara graduated from the University of Alberta Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Science. Her expertise is environmental and Indigenous issues. Faculty at Mount Royal University, Tamara received a Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal and was a TIME magazine Hero Mom of the Year 2015


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